Not a month goes by without Turn 10 Studios releasing a car pack for its avid video game racers. For January, the developer of the Forza Motorsports franchise will be releasing the newest car pack for its latest video game offering: Forza Horizon.

Dubbed the “Recaro Car Pack,” the new downloadable content will include the usual smorgasbord of vehicles, highlighted by the 2012 Lexus LF-A Nürburgring Edition. In addition to the gnarly Japanese supercar, the Recaro Car Pack will also include the 2012 Lotus Exige S, the 2012 Cadillac Escalade, the 2005 Mercedes SLR, the 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R, and, oddly enough, the 1983 GMC Vandura G-1500.

The Recaro Car Pack will go live and be up for download on January 1, 2013. As is always the case, the car pack can be had for a reasonable amount of just 400 MS Points. But if you’re a Forza Horizon Season Pass holder, you get the pack for free and on top of that, get free dibs on a 2009 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster.

Sounds like a sweet deal to us.


Source: Turn 10 Studios

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  (341) posted on 01.6.2013

Karla, why so mad? I like this game too, and i don’t pay a fortune... but for few money I can imagine driving awesome cars which in real life i cannot afford...

  (349) posted on 01.6.2013

as i was saying... to save money for such a thing... i think some of those who pay for this games are frustrated.

  (397) posted on 01.6.2013

i shall start saving money cause the moment is so close smiley have any of you idea about the date of releasing?

  (349) posted on 01.6.2013

in this world, humans are starving and some pay money for such things.. shame on us!!

  (346) posted on 01.6.2013

I never could understand why people like this games and games in general...

  (377) posted on 01.6.2013

I like Lexus the most. i know that it isn’t the best for racing, but i still like it.

  (341) posted on 01.6.2013

mmm-hmmmm!! sooo, the new year is coming with goodies, yeaaay!

  (397) posted on 01.6.2013

Oh-my-Gooood!!! This is awesome!! I am sooo excited!!!

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