Matt Farah, host and producer of the Smoking Tire, has found himself a nice project to occupy his time. When he’s not busy working for ST, Farrah will be appearing on a web drama series called Turn 9.

The auto-themed series takes on the formula of Entourage and follows Kyle Turren, the leading character in the series, in his burgeoning racing career. Together with his buddies, Turren’s life is a steady cocktail of rowdy parties, smoking hot ladies, and, of course, hot metal auto racing.

As for Farrah, he’s going to be playing the role of Turren’s crew chief named – ironically – ‘Matt’. That’s not a bad gig by any stretch of the imagination.

The web series will also feature guest appearances by real race car drivers, as well as a number of other celebrities to spice up the show. We don’t know about you guys, but consider us extremely curious about how this web series turns out.

In the meantime, check out the first teaser trailer of Turn 9 and tell us what you think.


Source: Smoking Tire

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