Who is Tyler Witte? Just like you, we have never heard of the guy before watching this video. In short, he is a 25-year-old driver from Cincinnati, Ohio. “Okay, why is he featured on Top Speed” may be your next question. It’s because he is our kind of guy: he has an incredible passion for cars and most importantly, he developed the car of his dreams from the ground up.

His car is not the best car we’ve seen, as it’s just a Subaru Impreza that he "bought from a friend," but the fact that he invested tons of his own money into transforming that car into an amazing rally racer makes him a man cut from the TopSpeed cloth. Yeah, there are better cars out there that teams with millions of dollars have built, but to see a man without a silver spoon in his mouth pull this off is inspiring.

Everything he did on the car, he did by himself; from bending, cutting, notching and welding the roll cage to assembling the transmission’s guts.

You can see the results of his hard work by watching the above video that includes some fun obstacles and stunts at a private rally facility. We wish Mr. Witte the best of luck!


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