Video: Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardos vs. AMS Nissan GT-R Street Racing

Underground Racing has made a name for itself by providing some of the most amazing tuning projects for a number of sports cars. Not only do these packages improve on the base product, but they take it to the extremes in the most fantastic way possible. One example of their work is the Gallardo TT, which comes in three different engine upgrades with power ranging from 650 WHP to 1250 WHP.

Then there’s the other tuning company with similar skills as that of Underground Racing. AMS Performance has grown keen of the Nissan GT-R (who wouldn’t?) and their packages for Godzilla tend to be absolutely breathtaking. Their most notable work is the impressive Alpha 12 package that delivers an impressive 1,318 HP.

This type of background information was necessary to set up the latest video to grab out attention. Now, the recipe is as follows: take three cars - two UG Gallardos (one with a manual gearbox, and one with an E-Gear transmission) and an AMS Alpha 12 -, a dark night with no cops around, and a street where you can push the two cars to their limits. Calculated, that adds up to about 3800 HP all in one place. The winner? Who cares, just enjoy the sound of these three amazing cars.


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