USF1 may be a neophyte in the world of Formula One, but don’t underestimate the hard work they’ve put in to become a competitive team in the 2010 F1 grid.

In this latest video released by the US-based F1 team, it shows the progress USF1 has made since signing the Concorde Agreement to become an official team for the 2010 Formula One season last July 31. This includes the delivery and installation of some pretty-high tech testing equipment at their headquarters in Charlotte.

The video also captures a few of the inner-workings with regards to the building of an F1 car including the creation of some of the smaller and more intricate parts which leads to piecing the whole car together.

It’s an eye-opening video for those who don’t know a whole lot about Formula One, especially in America. Now that a locally-based team is set to compete in the world’s most prestigious racing circuit, it may be time for American racing fans to start taking notice, and watching this video is a good place to start to know more about USF1.


Source: US F1

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  (780) posted on 12.27.2009

I’m impressed on what they’re working right now and that includes the hardwork to commend by other expectators on which they’ve nailed it. They really need this kind of exposure to bait sponsors that of course money is the real deal here. Of course all of them are doing this kind of things but as a newbie on this competition, they’ll need a lot of exposures for them to survive this race.

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