Video: Vicki Butler-Henderson drives the wheels off of a Toyota iQ

The Toyota iQ has been badged by so many brands – there’s the Scion iQ and the Aston Martin iQ (Cygnet) - it’s become hard to keep track of which model belongs to what.

The name of the brand nothwisthanding, this 1.0-liter car is as efficient as any compact car out there in the market, thanks to a highly efficient tank that is capable of running at a rate of 54 miles per gallon. To show the whole car at work, Vicki Butler-Henderson takes two of her favorite shopping buddies out for a day of retail therapy. And while her friends seemed to enjoy swiping their credit cards in retail stores, VBH enjoyed her day by driving the wheels off of the Toyota iQ.

Starting their day in a shopping district, the trio of girls end up on a test track where VBH proceeds to give a driving demonstration of the iQ.

Check out the video and find out why hell hath no fury than a woman’s driving ability.


Source: YouTube

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  (780) posted on 01.11.2010

Well this video should be banned because they’re teaching women to recklessly drive like the metro is one big race track without proper understanding on the road violation(shame on me to say that, it’s an official video). That’s why Scion and Aston Martin produce an iQ concept, to have a competition for this small hatchback car.

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