Video: Volvo releases promotional video of new S60 sedan

Volvo’s new 2011 S60 sedan is coming close to breaking cover at the Geneva Motor Show next month. But even if the event is still a month-and-something away, Volvo was kind enough to give us a glimpse of what the S60 is all about.

As the car Volvo is pinning its hopes on against the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A4, the S60 is an obvious departure from the boxy cars Volvo has become known for. That’s a great thing, especially in this day and age where cars are becoming more and more sleek and contoured.

In this action video, the S60 is seen showing off its capabilities both on the clear and open road and on the dessert. According to Volvo, this video is the first of three promo videos for the S60 that will released prior to its official unveiling in Geneva next month.

Volvo has also been tight-lipped on the S60’s technical side where they are seemingly holding-off on giving away any more information – apart from these promo videos – about the car until the covers are lifted next month.
In the meantime, check out this video of the S60 and wait for the two other promo videos that are scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.


Source: YouTube

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  (666) posted on 03.24.2010

@ carlos_bullock – agree it would be better if they also manufactured a HB version of the s60.

  (477) posted on 02.2.2010

I will like this car more when it’s a HB car. For me Hatchback cars will invade and get over the sedan cars.

  (1333) posted on 02.1.2010

that was an impressive driving, also the s60 was stunningly beautiful, it turns quick and accelerates faster that any other on it’s class for sure it will dominate it’s competitors.

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