In yet another soggy tale of a petulant supercar owner, we bring you this heartbreaking video of how washing and cleaning a Ferrari Enzo can go wrong. So horribly wrong.

The scene of the mishap occurred during a Ferrari day - apparently, they have those on that part of the world - at Padborg Park in Denmark. One of the cars that made an appearance was this Ferrari Enzo, which was spotted at a local car wash.

The owner of the Enzo was washing it down with a hose and then proceeded to dry the car with a microfiber cloth with sand.

Wait a second...sand? He’s going to use sand on an Enzo?

The answer, regrettably, was yes. The owner, genius that he is, used sand to dry out the Enzo. We have no idea what would possess him to do such a thing, but he did. We don’t know that thought even crossed his mind, but it did.

We’re not going to blame you if you don’t watch the video. Trust us, it’s very painful to watch. Then again, curiosity is a funny thing; the more you don’t want to, the more you end up doing so.


Source: YouTube

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  (504) posted on 11.10.2010

what a little kid will be mad at you..

  (677) posted on 11.3.2010

He’s insane I would say..

  (507) posted on 09.29.2010

All I can say...craziness!

  (1211) posted on 09.21.2010

Crazy guy. Does he knows what he is doing?

  (504) posted on 08.22.2010

Haha, then how does he plan on driving his car without shame?... smiley

  (745) posted on 08.19.2010

Am sure the owner will be crazy upon seeing this.

  (807) posted on 08.10.2010

Yeah, it’s not easy to look at it. It’s hard to look the thing that he did. A big stupidity.

  (359) posted on 07.29.2010

Is he crazy? He make a big scratch on Enzo.

  (417) posted on 04.19.2010

Not quite. Pretty sure that Turtle wax and some clean piece of cloth can deal with that scratches.

  (647) posted on 04.18.2010

Well, buffing cream and buffer will help to remove those scratches.

  (939) posted on 04.15.2010

If I’m the owner of this Enzo, I will make those car wash boy pay every scratches he made from my enzo.

  (798) posted on 04.14.2010

That was a lot of scratches from the microfiber cloth.

  (708) posted on 04.14.2010

That was an Idiotic Act of cleaning and Enzo! Why should you use a microfiber cloth with sand?

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