• Video: Watch This Wild Jet-Powered Flyboard Hit Triple Digits Over the Desert

What a time to be alive

Given enough time, imagination, and resources, I think we’d all end up at the same spot eventually - strap jet engines to my feet and let me fly around. Sounds like the sort of thing a 10-year-old would dream up on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but amazingly, that’s exactly what we’re witnessing here in this 3-minute, 41-second video.

It’s called The Zapata Flyboard Air, and it was invented by Frenchman Franky Zapata, a world champion jet ski racer that also just so happens to produce these insane personal flying devices.

“Inventors have been chasing the dream of personal flight for decades, but no one else has achieved it in the way that Zapata has,” declares the Flyboard Air website. “Zapata’s unique and innovative approach comes from its experience in hydroflight, its use of turbine engines over conventional electric propellers, and the use of intuitive flight controls designed around the human body.”

Zapata also offers a number of water-powered flying devices. The Flyboard Air, however, uses an array of turbine engines to create thrust, with the pilot unleashing it all with a single control stick.

Watching Zapata maneuver this thing across the open desert is pretty crazy to behold, especially when you consider it reaches a claimed speed of 103.4 mph. According the the Flyboard Air website, the board is predicted to top out at 124 mph, and it can apparently reach a maximum altitude of 3,000 meters (9,843 feet). Seriously.

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