If anyone was given the opportunity to choose between the BMW M3 and the BMW X5M, many would probably choose the M3. That is, of course, unless they had a bunch of kiddos and groceries to haul around. For those that don’t, or have a second car for that, the M3 is enough to thrill with its sportiness and agility, and the fact that it looks great.

With those features going for the M3, the X5M would seem to have very little going for it, but BMW is out to prove that’s not the case. They grabbed up both vehicles and planted them in Laguna Seca for a little one on one action. With its all wheel drive system and 555 HP Twin Turbo V8 engine delivering exceptional performance on the road or the track, the X5M may have a few tricks up its automotive sleeve to outdo the M3.

Take a look at the video to see for yourself. You may change your answer if ever given the choice between the two.


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