Video: When getting out of your parking space gets you in trouble

This car isn’t a Toyota – phew! – but it sure acts like one. Ok, that may have been a joke in poor taste but given the increasing number of unintended accelerations lately, we’ve kind of gotten used to seeing news reports pop up at an increasingly alarming rate these days.

That being said, we couldn’t get past this video no matter how many times we watched it. Proving that unintended acceleration can also be caused by human judgment – or lack thereof – the driver of this hatchback slowly pulls out of his parking slot in reverse. Whether it was a case of being a little too eager, he ends up skimming the rear of a crossing vehicle. Apparently, the driver freaked out from his little ding-up and instead of putting on the brakes, he somehow pushes the gas pedal harder, causing his hatchback to go out of control, resulting in it hitting yet another car before going to a stop.

Too bad the whole video was captured through a surveillance camera so there’s no audio to back up the crazy image you’re about to see.


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  (570) posted on 03.24.2010

Lol. Well, whatever happened to the reverse driving test the driver took during the application for a license, did he fail it as bad too? Lol. Can we call it blindspot or just pure irresponsible driving?

  (555) posted on 03.23.2010

Hey topspeed guys, the video is missing.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 03.23.2010

These are the same kind of morons that hop in a Prius and blame it for not stopping.

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