Video: When Stig Met Asimo

If there’s one thing we know about the Stig, it’s that he never gets awestruck no matter how big the celebrity he meets. It didn’t happen with Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz.

And apparently, it didn’t happen with Honda’s very own ASIMO.

Top Gear’s tame racing driver was recently featured in a hilarious new ad promoting the new look Top Gear Magazine. In the video, ASIMO tries to engage The Stig in a good ol’ fashioned dance-off, only to be met with the kind of stony indifference that has made the latter the enigmatic character that he is.

Numerous attempts prove futile until The Stig, still with his arms crossed, decides to just leave ASIMO in grooving to God-knows-what.

If for nothing else, its a pretty hilarious video that should provide quite the chuckle for anybody who wants to watch it. Anytime you can get the The Stig and ASIMO in one room on a proverbial dance-off, it makes for a must-watch video.

Even if one of them wants no part of it.


Source: YouTube - FutureCars

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