For all those keen motorcyclists out there, you’ll be all too aware of the fact that whilst riding, the almost laughable lack of skill you’re likely to witness from car drivers will always capture your attention. This fact is exemplified in the following video courtesy of rnickeymouse on YouTube.

Rnickeymouse generally films motorcycles carving through Mulholland Drive, specifically around the legendary roads infamous hairpin bend. But bucking this trend is the following video where he gathered together a selection of poor driving over the past six months for our viewer pleasure. Or perhaps it should be viewing displeasure?

Either way, the video depicts idiotic drivers crossing double-yellow lines into oncoming traffic, as well as some amusing attempts at power sliding which go wrong. Despite this, rnickeymouse is quick to point out that the vast majority of people drive responsibly along Mulholland but nevertheless, this video does raise some interesting points.

First off, the video highlights the fact that many mountain roads across the world are not patrolled by police heavily, or lack speed cameras to nab irresponsible drivers like there are in the cities. Secondly, the lack of driving skills also show that perhaps governments across the world should make advanced driving courses free or at least, promote them extensively to help increase the abilities of drivers.

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  (100) posted on 09.27.2012

I recommended this to my friend and guess what? They really want to take the drift in that highway! Ha ha.

  (40) posted on 09.26.2012

It’s actually a helpful video for those who want to have drift in the Mulholland.

  (116) posted on 09.24.2012

Aw, Those Californian Drivers must learned how the proper drift to it. I actually saw one and it is really devastating.

  (105) posted on 09.24.2012

I think they thought that drifting in the Mulholland is fun but they didn’t know that this can probably cost accident.

  (86) posted on 09.21.2012

I think the only answer to that question is “To avoid accident”.

  (780) posted on 09.20.2012

They underestimated the roads of Mulholland. They didn’t even have a time to look on the caution signs or road signage on that area.

  (702) posted on 09.19.2012

I really want to try that drift in Mulholland. But I rather not do it, I still don’t want to die.

  (71) posted on 09.18.2012

I think the place where many people have accidents will be one of the tourist spots in Mulholland.

  (780) posted on 09.17.2012

This video is really very important for those drivers who love drifting tho Mulholland. Through this they can learn more of the safety tips to avoid accidents.

  (798) posted on 09.16.2012

Is there something about that car that you can’t find from other vehicles? I think there’s a curse in driving that car.

  (683) posted on 07.16.2012

Drifting in Mudholland gives a different kind of experience. You’ll gain XP to level-up, just like in computer games.

  (394) posted on 07.12.2012

I want to learn also to drift and swerve in Mudholland on that bend.

  (797) posted on 07.11.2012

They’re cool for that kind of swerving and drifting. I guess great drivers need to drive on Mudholland first.

  (630) posted on 07.10.2012

I want to visit that place to see that drifting in my own.

  (553) posted on 07.10.2012

That is an awesome everyday event. I think it’s somehow dangerous that it also overlooking on a cliff.

  (474) posted on 07.8.2012

It looks like that bend became a tourist spots waiting for super cars to do drifting and swerving on that hairpin bend. Unfortunately, some drivers fail o turning on that bend with high speed.

  (7) posted on 06.29.2012

This is the end of a section of Mulholland Highway called "the Snake" Been there a couple times, you can catch Jay Leno there on Sunday afternoons he always brings by a new car surprisingly he drives his Mclaren F1 more than the others hahaha, in the video you are witnessing a bunch of "Lane Eaters" as we like to call them. Us locals absolutely hate them, many fights have broken out over it and surprisingly he dosent have any shots of collisions, happens on a regular basis especially with idiots that come out to the canyons looking to show off their luxury cars. -__-

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