This guy is just giving Ferrari owners around the world a bad name. Further proof that just because you can fork over almost $300,000 for a super tuned Ferrari, doesn’t mean that you are capable of making the most out of the 500 HP. This F-430 Scuderia owner is taking part in a parade of Ferraris in the south of France, and even though it looks like he’s the grand marshal, he doesn’t even know how to get the car into gear. At least he gives us a nice taste of what the adrenaline charged Ferrari F-430 sounds like.


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  (318) posted on 05.18.2009

This guy needs a driver.

  (421) posted on 05.18.2009

All I can say is that car needs a better driver.

  (177) posted on 05.17.2009

Take off your fat from that Ferrari. You don’t deserve one!

  (183) posted on 05.17.2009

What an embarrassing situation this guy got himself. And to think its posted in youtube and here in topspeed. looks like money and nice cars is not enough.

  (314) posted on 05.16.2009

Well, that’s for sure is the best thing to do. Leave the car alone!

  (231) posted on 05.16.2009

The leader of the pack is so shameless to drive that car and lead the group. I hope he can pull his fat out of the lane and watch the parade instead.

  (421) posted on 05.16.2009

I think a have a better tutorial advise to give to the owner of this Ferrari. Return the car to your dealer and learn how to drive first. Otherwise hire me to drive that car for you.

  (47) posted on 05.15.2009

Pull both paddles straight back and hold for neutral. Pop the right one back for first, east the gas pedal in and give it steady pressure so you don’t bog. Now make sure no one’s in front of you and put the pedal down. When you see the light come on in your peripheral, flick the right one again — continue this process until you have a reason to put on the brakes. Once you’ve applied sufficient pressure to the brake pedal in order to decelerate, flick the left paddle everytime the revs drop below 3000. you can get your fat out of the way so everyone behind you can drive their cars like you’re supposed to.

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