Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... Back in December, a Chinese woman towed a tow truck that wouldn’t let her go. Now this footage of another woman, this time on a Los Angeles area freeway, shows that no matter what continent it’s on, if she’s angry get out of her way.

Guys are much better at this police chase thing...We think it’s better to leave the car on try to outrun the cops on foot.


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  (47) posted on 04.17.2009

Holy crystal meth...

  (233) posted on 04.17.2009

hmm... maybe talk a police academy into closing off a road and let them get some practice in on a real life situation kinda thing as long as they dont taser me.. i’d be down for a little fun and games and wouldn’t mind wrecking my car. just an excuse to get a new one ha

  (233) posted on 04.17.2009

i have to say i’ve actually thought about and wanted to take my 240sx out for a spin in a car chase at some point ha but i dont think i’d ever have the balls to do it so no worries you wont see me driving my car on here. lol

plus i’d probably be like screw this and try to get away... head to the back country roads haha

  (183) posted on 04.17.2009

this is crazy. was she even thinking? i don’t think she was trying to outrun the cops. she was simply playing with them. im just happy that no one was hurt in that police chase thing.

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