Ford’s marketing campaign for the 2011 Fiesta is gaining steam with the Fiesta Movement, a social media effort by the Blue Oval to drum up interest for their new hatchback. What started well over a year ago with social media advertising is now moving into a new and more traditional print and broadcast phase with the first installment set to air tonight during American Idol.

If you’re suffering from short-term memory loss, we’ll remind you that the ’movement’ already began with last week’s rather unusual and hilarious Fiesta vs Lamborghini throwdown where the Fiesta displayed what makes it a "pretty big deal" when lined up against a Lambo. The whole "pretty big deal" angle takes its cue from the Fiesta’s all-around capability and a pupu platter of new features including the seven airbags, push-button start, heated leather seats, SYNC, and the 40 mpg highway fuel economy.

It goes without saying that the new Fiesta is more than just Ford’s little hatchback. The company is being ultra aggressive in promoting the car as a premium hatch instead of the base model unit for those looking for affordability and fuel-efficiency in a car which may be what some people think. Despite the ’premium-ness’ of the Fiesta, the car is still pretty pedestrian - that’s a great thing - in terms of the price tag: $15,700.

There’s a boatload of videos for you to watch with all of them pointing out one thing. The new Ford Fiesta may be small in stature, but, in the words of Ford, "it’s a pretty big deal".

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  (814) posted on 05.24.2010

I agree! They have the same technology as the mazda. Bluetooth technology i really helps to make the driving more safer.

  (511) posted on 05.23.2010

Ford is also using the bluetooth hands free just like the mazda did with the new speed3 and speed6.

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