If you’ve ever seen The Fast and Furious and happened to fall in love with that beastly 1970 Dodge Charger RT Vin Diesel drove in the movie, then you’re in luck. The movie car has been put on sale by the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois.

As all muscle cars go, the Charger RT comes loaded with some spanky additions, including the gargantuan bonnet scoop, a customized – and stripped down – interior, a race steering wheel, and some cool decals on the exterior.

Of course, making such a purchase will require you to have plenty of money in your bank account as the car is being sold at $129,998.

It’s a lot more expensive than getting your hands on a standard issue 1970 Charger, but for that added price, you can brag to all your buddies that you’re driving the same car that Vin Diesel wrecked in the movie. Who knows, those seats might even have his sweat stains on them.


Source: Volo Auto Museum

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