We cover a lot of automotive-related material here at TopSpeed. From the latest and greatest vehicles with promises of fast quarter-mile times, insane 0-to-60 sprints, and the occasional gravel-shredding off-roader, it’s all about the newest and fastest.

But sometimes, you just have to slow down and enjoy the drive — to bask in every last mile of a pure driving experience in a pure sports car. That’s exactly what one man set out to do.

Scott Fisher and his beloved 1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster are on a meandering mission to travel the United States in a clockwise fashion, while soaking in the experience on the timeless journey. No schedules needed.

Fisher started his epic journey last spring from his home in Las Vegas after selling his manufacturing business that he ran for 16 long years. It has since taken him over 30,000 miles through the American heartland, rolling over local highways and byways, while avoiding major routes and interstates “like the plague.” And it was all done in his beautiful ’67 Fairlady.

“I knew I needed to kinda’ get out, and unwind, and get my mojo back,” the 45-year-old man says. His journey has taken him north through the Pacific Northwest and over through the flyover states. Fisher’s goal was to stay up north during the summer months to avoid the extreme heat and sun exposure. “[It’s] allowed me to keep the top down, maybe 80 percent of the time.”

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Along the way, Fisher received an invitation from Nissan to visit its North American headquarters and tour the Smyrna assembly plant near Nashville, Tennessee. His Nissan-guided adventure started with a trim to Nashville’s Lane Motor Museum to check out the vintage iron, while reliving childhood memories. “This exact car would have been one of the cars I watched racing when I was growing up,” he says about one of the exhibited race cars the Museum allowed him to sit in. “I definitely didn’t think I’d be sitting here when I woke up, let alone back then.”

Reliving his childhood and decompressing after owning a business for so many years hasn’t been the only benefits from his trip. "Pretty much anywhere I stop people will come up and talk to me,” Fisher says. He’s heard countless stories from passer-bys who wanted to chat about the car. “[It’s] like traveling with a puppy. People want to come up and look at it [and] pet it.”

His bucket list adventure has taken him and his little Fairlady across 44 states, seven Canadian Provinces, and the recent Polar Vortex that plagued the country. “[The] car even ran well through that,” he says. “Started right up, idled, didn’t seemed phased by it at all.” An amazing feat for a 47-year-old carbureted car.

Mechanical problems might be a worry in such an antiquated automobile, but Fisher has had little trouble with it. His only real close call was when a newly replaced lower ball joint failed while under way. “I luckily avoided any real damage and didn’t put the car in the ditch.” Other than that, he’s fixed a leaky radiator petcock, replaced the oil pressure sending unit, taped up an electrical short caused by frayed wiring insulation, replaced the alternator, and replaced one of the transmission bearing. The latter of which was done in a friend’s garage between breakfast and dinner on a Saturday — even with having to completely extract the engine and transmission from the Fairlady’s chassis.

After leaving the Nissan plant, Fisher’s journey continued south. "I’m planning on taking my time down through Mississippi, and then getting over into New Orleans.”

Fisher’s tales from his iconic trip can be seen on his blog made initially to keep close friends and family informed about his journey, but has since attracted legions of followers. You can check out his complete story at RoadsterRoadTrip.com.

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