You already knew that the Viper Hennessey is faster than the Bugatti Veyron. This was proven again by Road and Track magazine who made a comparison test between six of the speed kings of the world.

The starts were: Bugatti Veyron (1001 hp), the Viper Hennessey (1100 hp), the Porsche RUF RT 12 (650 hp), the Corvette Lingenfelter (880 hp), the Mercedes SLR (617 hp) and the Lamborghini Murcielago (580 hp).

Viper Hennessey kills the Veyron
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Time needed to pass the 320 km/h:

  • Viper Hennessey (V10 bi-turbo, 8500 cm3): 20.1 s and 358.1 km/h
  • Bugatti Veyron (W16 quadri-turbo, 8000 cm3): 24.2 s and 380 km/h
  • Corvette Lingenfelter (V8 bi-turbo, 7000 cm3): 26.6 s and 320 km/H
  • Porsche RUF RT 12 (flat 6 bi-turbo, 3800 cm3) : 35.5 s and 320 km/h.
  • Mercedes SLR (V8, 5500 cm3 ): 47.2 s and 321.1 km/h
  • Lamborghini Murcielago (V12, 6200 cm3): 50.1 s and 305.9 km/h
Viper Hennessey kills the Veyron
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With a top speed of 352.48 km/h, Viper Hennessey also established a personal top speed. It is powered by a V10 engine with an incredible output of 1100 hp.

Source: Road&Track

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badestofthebad  (608) posted on 11.17.2007

LOL u said it ’thereal’ put them in their place they better get their facts strait next time.....

badestofthebad  (111) posted on 11.17.2007

and talk about personal topspeed that 352.48 km/h is pathetic the bugatti’s best so far has bin over 407 km/h so how is the viper better....plz someone who has sumthing smart to say plz tell me cuz i obviously got more facts an info than this person rite here

badestofthebad  (111) posted on 11.17.2007

actually the viper wasn’t faster than the veyron over-all just in the race to 0-200mph the viper was firstly u need to get ur bogus facts strait kid 2ndly the veyron was the quickest one to 0-60 and 0-100 and the 1/4mile so out of best 3 of 4 the veyron won 3 of those contests te viper only won 1 so over all the veyron is still the best the veyron jus has a slightly quicker time to 200mph than the veyron an in a actual race they wudn’t have room to even go that fast so.....VEYRON is the real winner not the viper....tell it how it is and NOT how u want it to sound kid

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