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In the face of 1,000-horsepower sports cars and commuter-mobiles that can drive themselves, the world of mass transit has a bit of catching up to do. However, it’s looking like Hyperloop tech is now gaining some serious steam, as evidenced by a recently released video from Virgin showing off a full-scale pod in action.

In the video, we see the prototype vehicle at speed on a test track out in Nevada. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t provide any specs or technical data, so we don’t know the top speed achieved or how long the pod was on track, but we do know that last year the company said it achieved upwards of 240 mph in testing.

This latest vehicle, dubbed the Vision 2030 Hyperloop Pod, was unveiled just last week during a visit from Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Minister of Defense. The middle eastern company hopes to implement the technology nationally in the next few decades.

Using magnetic levitation and partially evacuated tubes, Hyperloop pods can travel at very high rates of speed, free from friction and with very low air resistance. One proposed route in the U.S. would connect Los Angeles and San Francisco, whisking travelers to and fro in as little as 30 minutes, a huge time savings compared to the 6 hours it would take by car.



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