Be it a revved-up V8 Italian super sports car, or the distinctive six-cylinder sound of a boxer engine, the sound of the engine forms the character of a car and ideally makes your hairs stand on end just by starting the engine up.

Virtual Engine from
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Thanks to the new Virtual-Motor from every driver can now experience this indescribable feeling, without having to spend a fortune on a new sports car. Thankfully it is easy to attach and does not represent any problems that cannot be overcome by anybody. Simply remove the car radio from the slot, insert the sound module of the Virtual-Motor into the ISO plug and run the supplied cables to the engine compartment to pick up the rpm-signal.

Done! It is not necessary to do much of a setup, all you need to do is set the individual idle speed. The further operation of the unit is controlled by the supplied mini remote control and the sound is emitted via the radio loud speakers.

Virtual Engine from
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With the press of a button you can choose from four different engines. In a split second the car can therefore acoustically have an Italian-V8, a 6-cylinder boxer, an engine of a rallye car or a formula car under the bonnet.


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