Do you remember about Avions Voisin, the French brand from the 920s and 1930s? o? No worry, you are not the only one! But Avions is about to make a come back with help from the Portuguese designer Ernesto Freistas, from Luso Motors. He designed the Voisin Concept, a virtual 3D representation of what is believed to be a future supercar that will take on Bugatti Veyron!

Voisin Concept - future supercar?
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Speaking about the inspirations that motivated him, Ernesto Freitas says: "Personally I always loved French classic cars. I’m not talking about just the design or the brands, but the history behind them."

"Voisin is one of them: despite being active for just a few years, this brand made some of the most fantastic and luxurious cars of the time. Lots of technological advanced details were incorporated in their cars, using the knowledge from the aviation world.

Voisin Concept - future supercar?
- image 240676

"Gabriel Voisin and his brother, Charles Voisin where pioneers, and I believe, the only real rivals of Bugatti at that time. Having this in mind, we came up with a design to rival with Bugatti, like in the "old days"…

The Voisin was designed to accommodate large capacity longitudinal V12 engine at the rear. The new V12 Audi diesel engine would be the ideal choice, as Ernesto explains: "Huge amounts of torque and power can be used with no regrets!"


Source: Carbodydesign

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