Starting the beginning of this year rumors about a pick-up from Volkswagen started to circulate all over the internet. Among other markets the "Robust" was supposed to also come on the European market. But due to high oil prices, Volkswagen announced this pick-up will not come to the European market.

A Volkswagen spokesman said an analysis showed there is no sufficient market for such a vehicle with a huge loading space and given the high oil prices, the overall conditions for such a Pick-up has "radically changed".

The pick-up was planned to be built at Hannover from 2010.

Robust will still be built, but at VW’s Argentinian plant in Pacheco and sold in emerging markets. The annual unit production of Pick-up Robust is planned at 90,000 units.


Source: Automotive News

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  (320) posted on 01.5.2012

This one is so intriguing and interesting! Well, I hope that they would unveil soon the final outlook of this one. Moreover, I hope that it is not a hybrid vehicle instead they would use a powerful engine on it even an output.

  (409) posted on 12.9.2011

I’m curious on the final outlook of this Volkswagen, and at the same time I feel so excited about it. Well, I hope that they would already update this news article soon! Anyway, its initial appearance seems very interesting.

  (595) posted on 08.31.2011

I’m curious on the finish outlook of this Volkswagen and at the same time I feel so excited about it. I just only hoped that it will worked.

  (520) posted on 07.9.2008

i’m very curious how will look like.

  (68) posted on 07.5.2008

hmm, im really curious how this would turn out. im confident it will at least be decent since vw always makes good to great cars/suv’s.

  (31) posted on 07.4.2008

It doesnt look very nice. I wonder how it would look with a a black bodykit.

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