A few days ago, it was rumored that the Volkswagen Bluesport had been dropped because the company couldn’t find enough sales to justify investing in the model. But, according to British magazine Evo, this simply isn’t true because the Bluesport is still on track.

In a recent interview with EVO, Volkswagen’s engineering boss, Uli Hackenberg, stated that the Bluesport project is still very much alive: "dealers are always looking backwards, not forwards… this is particularly the case when a new model is being considered as they don’t have any reference point to guide them, so they look around at the current market and give an estimate based on that."

Uli elaborated by stating that a production version will arrive in the next three years and will carry a price tag of about £30,000 (about $47k at the current exchange rates). Maybe this means we’ll also see the baby Boxster in the near future?


Source: EVO

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  (365) posted on 02.15.2012

Wow! The concept is redesigned, and it’s very astonishing on looks. The exterior looks is very creative yet a futuristic one. I’m sure no one will regret this model.

  (577) posted on 02.6.2012

I love this car especially the intriguing look of the wheels. It’s pleasantly created. The chassis was great. It was astonishing.

  (530) posted on 02.6.2012

The concept is very well-designed and it’s boost with aggressive looks. The wheels strikes me most as well as the gray body paint on it. Anyways, how much this will cost?

  (1) posted on 02.4.2012

Sorry, VW, too late (yet again - how many times now?) and too expensive.

I’ve been waiting and nursing along an old Boxster since the first, deisel, Bluesport was announced, but just saw a stunning black, nearly new, Caymen. ’Bye.

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