Volkswagen builds "World Engine" for Formula One?

Williams F1 wants to bring Volkswagen to Formula One
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Volkswagen may want to delve into the world of Formula 1, but not necessarily behind the wheel or by having "our own team like Mercedes". Hans-Joachim Stuck, a former grand prix driver and now the motor sport representative for VW stated, "We are waiting for the FIA’s decision in respect of the use of a world engine for formula one. If there is (a world engine) we will discuss whether to build it for formula one".

Formula One’s current choice for the engine would be a 1.5L turbocharged four cylinder engine with a debut about 2013. They are also anticipating it to have KERS technology although that will be mandatory in 2011. The decision to go to a “world engine” concept exists for the sole purpose of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Many of the Formula One’s manufacturers do not like the idea of a world engine which would mean an engine that could be used across multiple types of racing as opposed to the purpose-built engine provided by the manufacturers today. Less engines means less business so we are not surprised to find the manufacturers trying to buck the system away from a concept such as this one.

Volkswagen’s entry into the world of Formula One through the engine process isn’t exactly a crazy idea, although it may seem so at first especially with them not wanting to take part in the actual racing team portion of it. Volkswagen has many award-winning engines under its belt and the engine currently being favored for the “world engine” concept is right along the same build as the engines Volkswagen currently has in its models. Maybe it is about time Formula One got shaken up a bit. We know current manufacturers for Formula One such as Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, and Cosworth are probably shaking right now.

Press Release

Formula 1’s plans for technical rules in 2013 and beyond remain unclear, but the adoption of a "world engine" concept is said to have piqued the interest of Volkswagen.

VW motorsport director Hans-Joachim Stuck emphasizes that the company is not interested in fielding a works team in the manner of Mercedes, with its acquisition of Brawn GP, or Ferrari, but rather as an engine supplier.

"We are waiting for the FIA’s decision in respect of the use of a world engine for Formula 1," Stuck told Auto Bild magazine. "If there is [a world engine], we will discuss whether to build it for Formula 1."

The "world engine" refers to an item that is not purpose-built strictly for one form but is applicable across multiple types of racing.

Speculation about the next-generation F1 engine revolves around a small (approximately 1.5-liter) in-line four-cylinder with turbocharger and an upgraded version of the KERS energy-recovery technology utilized last year in an experimental capacity with the series’ 2.4-liter normally aspirated V8s.

None of the manufacturers presently competing in F1 have expressed support for the world engine concept.

Stuck attended the 2009 NASCAR season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway, fueling speculation about a VW entry into the American stock car racing series on the heels of Toyota. Stuck also addressed an interest in the IRL IndyCar Series and the Grand Am sports-car series, operated by NASCAR’s France family.

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  (596) posted on 03.16.2011

I think if "world engine" proposal of VW would hurt the business of the manufacturer. Just like from what have said, "less engine means less business". And i think if all the racing cars used the same engine then there’s no more thing to be excited about the F1.

  (745) posted on 08.27.2010

Why not? Be more supportive to Volks. Any Volks fans out there? Say something!

  (612) posted on 05.7.2010

Well a 4 cylinder is just right as long as it is paired with a turbo kit. For sure a v4 will give and edge on weight and space on the F1.

  (515) posted on 05.6.2010

Benz has already created their own formula 1 engine, it was a 4 cylinder twin turbo engine, but honestly I don’t know when they are planning to use it.

  (377) posted on 05.5.2010

This must be one of the awful F1 engine that they will use. I think VW should show first the real power of this car to public before they release it.

  (347) posted on 05.5.2010

That idea isn’t as crazy as it may sound at first. Knowing that Volkswagen has a global stable of award-winning engines that outmatches nearly every other automaker, also it has those expertise that goes along with it.

  (4) posted on 05.5.2010

imo I don’t like this at all. I think that if this happens the engine maker will become complacent and a very practical part of motorsport (engine development) will be greatly effected. One engine maker means no competion, no competion means no progress.

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