EV future could include models with a 373-mile electric range

More than any other automaker in the business right now, Volkswagen is probably the one that needs a fresh start the most. It’s been a turbulent year in Wolfsburg so you can excuse the German auto giant for its determination in charting a new course for itself and a big step in achieving that goal will take place at the 2016 Paris Motor Show with the introduction of a new concept that will serve as a visual representation of the company’s pursuit towards electromobility.

Jürgen Stackmann, a member of the automaker’s Board of Management, made that clear during an event when he touted the company’s plan to use the Paris Show as a “launching pad” to showcase where it’s headed as a brand. Details surrounding the concept are still being kept under wraps, but there is the possibility that the concept will be carrying an early version of the highly anticipated MEB platform that will be used to underpin Volkswagen’s lineup of electric vehicles.

The MEB platform is believed to be the key the will unlock Volkswagen’s entry into the EV market. The platform itself is reportedly scalable, which means that it could be used on a number of vehicle types. It’s also designed to accommodate an electric battery and is versatile enough to accommodate a battery range of anywhere from 250 to 373 miles, putting it head and shoulders ahead of the 315-mile range of the new Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous model.

With the platform and the promised range, Volkswagen believes that it has the capability to not only meet its goal of selling two to three million EVs by 2025, but to also become the market leader for electric vehicles along the way. Considering how desperate the automaker is to wash its hands completely off of the diesel emissions scandal it has been plagued with, the Paris Motor Show could be a watershed moment for the auto giant as it embarks on a new – and electrified – direction for its future.

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Big things are to be expected from Volkswagen in Paris

Judging by the way Volkswagen is shaping its participation at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, it does seem like the German automaker is treating the event one of the biggest auto shows it’s going to in recent years. There’s definitely a lot of excitement surrounding Volkswagen’s plans and the company’s slogan for the event, “Something New,” is only adding fuel to the hype.

It is to be expected that the company’s plans for its EV future will take shape at the event. Even VW has been very vocal about that. But what’s really is exciting is the scope of these plans and how it’s going to tie into the company’s own future. Is Volkswagen going to lead the charge towards becoming the biggest mainstream EV automaker? That’s certainly within play. Is the company unveiling a specific model lineup, complete with timetables for each model? I wouldn’t rule it out. Is there going to be an unveiling that’s going to shock all of us? That’s not out of the question.

We already know that the first MEB EV model will debut in Paris and that the production for that model will start in the latter stages of 2019, but considering where Volkswagen is now and where it wants to go in the future, I’m preparing myself for a massive announcement or two in Paris.

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The presence of Volkswagen at this year’s Paris Motor Show (1 to 16 October) is all about “Think New.”. In presenting the world premiere of an iconic design study, Volkswagen introduces a new ambassador to the automotive world. This one-of-a-kind concept car signals the Volkswagen brand’s entry into a new era. The vehicle is as revolutionary as the Beetle was seven decades ago, before it evolved into the world’s best-selling car of the last century. This car, too, has the potential to make history with its completely new vehicle concept. The production vehicle which follows will be the first Volkswagen to enter the market based on the new modular electrification kit (MEB).

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