As previously reported, Volkswagen was preparing a concept roadster for a debut at this month’s Los Angeles Auto Show. But it seems like many of the other large auto companies out there, the project has been delayed. Now the roadster has traded in the fair weather LA for fun-in-the-sun Detroit in January.

Volkswagen likes to get the most out of its platforms (that’s why the upper class Audi TT is on the same platform as the budget Skoda Octavia.) So it seems that the VW Group wants to possibly make a little more cash back on the Audi R8/Lamborghini Gallardo platform by sharing bits with the new middle class roadster. The design should take cues from the Scirocco, and will likely be It will be offered in both coupe and roadster/targa versions.

Its rumored that Audi will get its own version of this concept to replace the current TT. There also a small rumor that VW’s new owner Porsche may get in bed with this car as well. But that is less likely if Porsche goes through with plans to give the similarly-sized Boxster a four cylinder engine.

Engine choices will likely come from the VW Group’s stable of four-cylinders making between 105 hp to 220 hp depending on the car brand and trim level.


Source: Automotive News Europe

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