It seems that Volkswagen wants to be in fashion and announced three hybrid models and a 100% electric one. Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen’s CEO , announced in Lisbon where the Scirocco was launched, that the future Golf VI will also be offered as a hybrid.

Also the Touareg and Jetta will be offered as a hybrid. First 100% electric model will be offered in 2010 as a limited edition.

The lithium-ion electric system will also be offered on the production version of the future Up.

Winterkorn said that even if the hybrid systems start to play a very important part in the auto industry, the tradition engine, gas and diesel will continue to be the base on the auto market.


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  (82) posted on 06.19.2008

Why are they making a small car that doesn’t consume and pollute very much a hybrid when out there are a lot of "useless" SUV that need an electric engine. so what if there is the possibility that an hybrid SUV can’t handle the rough country, nobody uses then for off-road anyway.

  (70) posted on 06.18.2008

good news for the ecologist, bad news for the rest of us smiley

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