Volkswagen next week breaks a North American campaign for the redesigned GTI that emphasizes the car’s German and "hot hatch" heritage.

The commercials, breaking on Feb. 20, feature a comical male and female German engineer duo in modern white lab-coat-style attire. They taunt impostors and "unpimp" their over-the-top rides. They shoot a car out of a catapult in one spot, crush a car with a crate (containing the new GTI) in another. In the third commercial, they crush a car with a wrecking ball.

The work comes on the heels of teaser ads that broke last week during the Olympics. Those spots introduced a rabbit-like mascot called "Fast." [Adweek Online, Feb. 14].

The tagline, as heard in the final voiceover in each of the three spots, is "The GTI Mark V. Pre-tuned by German engineers."

"There are people that think the [hot hatch] culture has gone too far and there’s a bit of a backlash from the Hollywood version. In some way they ruined what was a very organic and very cool thing," said Alex Bogusky, chief creative officer at Miami-based Crispin Porter + Bogusky, a unit of MDC Partners.

Targeting males 18 to 49, the campaign includes Internet, outdoor and print iterations, rolling out nationally over the next couple of months.

"Our goal is to make VW famous and relevant again," said Kerri Martin, director of marketing development at VW. "If the Beetle is the heart of the brand, then the GTI is the soul of the brand. It hits on all four things that really have made Volkswagen famous over the years: affordable, German engineering that is fun to drive and a distinctly European style."

The "pre-tuned" series follows four spots that broke last week and introduced the new GTI mascot, "Fast," a compact rabbit-like orb with sinister eyes and a red smile mirroring the grill of the vehicle.

VW spent $300 million in U.S. measured media during the first 11 months of 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. VW likely spent an estimated $50 million more in Canada.

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  (6021) posted on 05.27.2006

I believe the GTI is the best engineered vehicle of this decade. With the proper Driving, and the best management, this ride can go on for years. Take it from me, i was just driving it on the expressway...its the best!!!

  (6021) posted on 05.15.2006

I don’t know if they have it on the net anywhere but they also put out some fantastic clips here in Germany where they have some basketball studs fighting over who gets to pick this short lame-ass non-sporty chubby German dude named Peter. At the end, he speeds off in his Polo GTI.

Catch line: the new Polo GTI. Makes you athletic.

  (6021) posted on 05.13.2006

hahaha the best commercials ever your whachamacalit (The Lame) You got an F

  (6021) posted on 04.1.2006

hate the cars,love these commercials,more,more!!!

  (6021) posted on 03.19.2006

the best ad campain since the 80’s I want a Vdubb now

  (6021) posted on 03.12.2006

Great commercials - more more !

  (6021) posted on 03.10.2006

Oh, snap! These commercials are way too funny! I want to un-pimp my ride!

  (6021) posted on 03.9.2006

V-Dub in the house, Yo

  (6021) posted on 03.8.2006

HUGE ! V-Dub goes big with this very clever un-pimp your ride parody. Best ad series in years. VW is back with attitude.

  (6021) posted on 03.7.2006

Hahaha!! My daughter and I laugh our asses off watching these commercials and trying to mimic them!!

YoMike youvantustounpimpdisthing lemmehearyousay ’vhat’


  (6021) posted on 03.3.2006

Good that VW can still make some good adds, smart GTI too

  (6021) posted on 02.28.2006

Hilarious ad. A great looking car too.

  (6021) posted on 02.28.2006

These are the funniest commercials I have seen in a long time. Fantastic!

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