The Volkswagen ID.4’s interior looks like the ID.3, and that’s good news

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The Volkswagen ID.4, the company’s second dedicated electric vehicle, is set to debut on September 23, but the German carmaker has already unveiled the crossover’s interior. Not surprisingly, it looks a lot like the ID.3, the compact five-door hatchback that Volkswagen introduced in 2019.

The Volkswagen ID.4 is basically an ID.3 with a higher seating position

Volkswagen ID4 Interior Revealed, But It's Nothing New Exterior
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The fact that the ID.4 is pretty much an ID.3 on stilts becomes obvious as soon as you look at the crossover's interior.

Sure, the dashboard is a bit taller and the A/C vents at the corners are different in shape and size, but the layout is very similar to the ID.3. It features the same digital infotainment screen atop the dashboard, an A/C control unit just below, and a trapezoidal-shaped hood for the digital instrument cluster. Even the steering wheel is almost identical, featuring the same three-spoke design with controls placed on the horizontal spokes.

Volkswagen ID4 Interior Revealed, But It's Nothing New Interior
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The armrests and the small control panels on the doors are placed slightly lower, but this makes sense given that the ID.4 offers an SUV-like seating position that’s higher than the ID.3’s. The photos do not reveal the rear compartment, but the seating layout should, again, be similar to the ID.3.

The Volkswagen ID.4 features comfortable seats with animal-free upholstery

Volkswagen ID4 Interior Revealed, But It's Nothing New Interior
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The ID.4 will arrive with seats approved by the German Campaign for Healthier Backs. They will feature a number of electrical adjustment options, as well as lumbar support with a built-in massage function. However, these features won’t be available in all trims. They will come standard in the limited-edition models that Volkswagen will offer at launch, but they will be optional on the less expensive trims that will follow. Upholstery and trim choices will include various colors, such as Platinum Grey, Florence Brown, Piano Black, or Electric White.

Volkswagen ID4 Interior Revealed, But It's Nothing New Interior
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These limited-edition models will also come with seat covers made from animal-free materials. The sustainable upholstery will combine leatherette and ArtVelour. The latter is a microfiber made from around 20 percent recycled PET bottles. Again, these fibers aren’t standard on all trims, but they could become the norm in ID models soon.

The Volkswagen ID.4 will share electric with the ID.3

Volkswagen ID4 Interior Revealed, But It's Nothing New Interior
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The all-electric crossover will break cover with a motor rated at around 200 horsepower and 230 pound-feet of torque. Volkswagen will likely offer three battery options, with the base model good for up to 205 miles. The range-topping model will deliver up to 30 miles on the WLTP cycle.

Volkswagen ID.3 specifications
Motors one, electric, on the rear axle
Gearbox one-speed
Battery 58 kWh
Power 150 kW/201 hp
Torque 310 Nm/229 lb-ft
Top speed 160 km/h (100 mph)
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