While everyone is waiting for the new generation Volkswagen Jetta, it seems that the British magazine AutoExpress has the first official image of the car, a day before its official debut. The new model will go on sale in May 2011.

As previously reported the new generation Jetta will be inspired by theNCC hybrid concept coupe unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January. It features a more spacious cabin in the interior which offers up way more leg room than the previous models. Also, following the look of the concept, the Jetta
will have integrated Bi-Xenon headlights which will include LED daytime running and turn signal lights.

Under the hood there will be a choice of both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engines include a 104bhp 1.2 TSI petrol unit, a 121bhp 1.4 TSI, and a range-topping 200bhp 2.0-litre TSI. The diesel engines consist of a 104bhp 1.6 TDI and a 138bhp 2.0-litre TDI.

Stay tuned for the official unveil later this morning!


Source: AutoExpress

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  (507) posted on 05.27.2011

Its a good thing VW Jetta have planned in making a new series and doesn’t planned to kill this production! I was thinking if they are going to improve the engine of this car.

  (364) posted on 06.20.2010

Looks like a ripoff of a Kia Forte. Except that the Kia looks nicer.

  (666) posted on 06.17.2010

Do you people expect rice and flame broiled surfacing for any reasonably priced car? this looks extremely refined and understated. I love it.

  (205) posted on 06.16.2010

I’ve noticed that this vehicle has put on the current Volkswagen family mask, with the headlights, front grille and bumper showing this, but what I like most is the interior structure which makes me feel very comfortable.

  (313) posted on 06.16.2010

Having owned one, agreed. Also much nicer than anything in the price range. Very nice!

  (228) posted on 06.15.2010

Good thing that they also offer a diesel engine with this the jetta will be more fuel efficient, but hopefully they lessen the engine noise.

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