New feature allows would-be VW owners to order a test drive from their locations

Ever felt the urge to test drive those cars that you see on TV? Well, if you live in Sweden and you had just seen a commercial for any of Volkswagen’s existing models, you now have the opportunity to actually order a test drive from the comforts of your own home and have the car delivered straight to your driveway. Yep, the days of having to go to a showroom for a test drive are becoming a thing of the past with VW’s new "Instant Test Drive" offer.

The process behind VW’s Instant Test Drive works similar to Uber and Lyft. Those interested in test driving a Volkswagen can send a request to the project’s official page — — from any smartphone. A quick look at the site reveals that all VW models that are available in Sweden at the moment are presumably included in this offer.

Remember, you’re going to need to share personal details to gain access to the offer, but if that’s not an issue, you can quickly book a test drive of any of the VW models available in the area. A great part of this offer is that anybody booking a test drive doesn’t have to return to their original location once he or she is done taking the VW model for a spin. Of course, there are some caveats to this offer, one of which is that the VW employee who will bring the car to you will also accompany you for the duration of your test drive. VW says they’re there to answer any questions you may have of the car, and while that seems fair, the ride could end up being slightly awkward if you don’t have anything to take about.

Whatever the case may be, the program is a novel way to get people to drive Volkswagens in a manner that allows them to actually use it in a normal setting. Right now, the initiative is only available in Sweden, but if it proves to be successful, expect VW’s other key markets – like the U.S., perhaps? – to get its own initiative going.

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Why it matters

I like the idea in general and I’m looking forward to see how this new service will translate here in the U.S. I think it’s going to be great for would-be buyers of Volkswagen, especially those who are seriously considering any one of its models. The convenience of having the cars delivered to your house so you can test drive it is a new experience and a welcome one indeed. So kudos to Volkswagen for discovering this new customer-focused feature.

Having said that, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that the feature doesn’t have holes in it, holes that could potentially be exploited by anybody. I’ll leave that up to your imaginations, but if Volkswagen really wants this service to take off, it needs to be crystal clear on the set of guidelines it wants to lay down. If VW can find a way to work around the kinks and iron them out, then I don’t see any reason why the Instant Test Drive feature isn’t offered in other markets, especially those that are far bigger than that of Sweden.

So yeah, I’m interested to see how it works in the Swedish market. I’d like to know if it really does make the car-buying experience easier. The idea is already there and it’s a great one. Now comes the execution, which is admittedly a lot trickier to pull off. Hopefully, customers appreciate the fact that Volkswagen is making a concerted effort in making their lives easier and they don’t take advantage of this feature for their personal gains, however shape or form that comes in.

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