Although most U.S. consumers would not consider the current Volkswagen Rabbit roomy, the need for greater fuel economy may dictate a need to import something even smaller. VW may not have to reach far because it already has a host of small cars it gives to the rest of the world. Just like VW’s famous ad campaign, the trend in the U.S. is becoming “think small”, and it doesn’t want to miss the boat. So now Volkswagen is reported to be considering introducing the subcompact Polo to the U.S.

VW was once know for small cars in the States, but its current smallest entry, the original Rabbit/Golf, has constantly grown in size and weight over its four model revisions.

Volkswagen May Bring the Polo to the U.S.
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The added heft has let the gas powered Rabbits with an average of 25 MPG. This is a loss of at least 10 miles per gallon average fuel economy in its 30-year history in the U.S. The current Polo would give Volkswagen a welcomed MPG boost – European versions of gasoline-powered average about 40 MPG. The Polo is not even VW’s smallest car. The rest of the world has the Fox and the Gol slotted below the diminutive Polo.


Source: Bloomberg

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  (520) posted on 07.21.2008

you’re right, but the Golf is better!

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