AutoExpress caught the upcoming Passat Coupe, CLS’ fighter, right before the Frankfurt debut. The Passat Coupe will have a price tag that promises to be half that of the entry-level CLS when it goes on sale in 2008.

The Coupe features twin headlights with a chrome grille. Meanwhile, inside, cabin quality will be better than the regular Passat’s, and there will be more equipment as standard, too. Rear passengers also benefit from figure-hugging seats.

Under the hood there will be a new TSi engine line-up.

Source: AutoExpress

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  (372) posted on 08.31.2007

I truly believe VW should stop putting money into these "me-too" projects and work on its quality. VW vehicles are poorly built at best and the attitude of the manufacturer when customers complain is that the owners "abuse" the vehicles. A company that prides itself on its "Autobahn" heritage claims its cars are abused by city and moderate driving. Who do they think they are fooling? I believe they should cut their product line down to 3 or perhaps 4 cars and concentrate on bringing back dignity to the company instead of trying to rub shoulders with Mercedes and BMW in a hopless attempt at having dignity rub off on them. Shameful. Wouldn’t buy one, hope nobody else does either.

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