According to AutoSpies, Volkswagen will launch a new concept based on the Audi R8, at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. The Concept called Rayra will probably see production in 2009.

Under the hood there will a 4.2 liter engine that delivers 420 hp at 7800 rpm. The fuel consumption is about 15 City/20 Highway.

New Features include Advanced anti-theft vehicle alarm system. A Theft deterrent light in driver’s door and an immobilizer prevents engine start when key with automatically changing electronic code feature is not used. A speed warning device that warns you if you are driving to fast.

If produced, the Rayra will be offered with a V10 TDI Diesel engine and a tiptronic.

Source: AutoSpies

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  (3) posted on 12.14.2007

it is the best looking vw,but the name is weird

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 12.13.2007

nice not bad at all seems like the old vw is steppin up its game......and its about darn time

Arunas  (4) posted on 12.13.2007

lokks like the rendering..

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