Want to know what it’s like to be an automaker with enough financial flexibility that you can show up at the Geneva Motor Show with a reported seven concept cars?

Try walking in the Volkswagen Group’s shoes one of these days. You’ll probably have a better idea after you’re done.

The world’s third largest automaker – behind Toyota and General Motors – is reportedly gearing up for a VW-branded invasion at the Geneva Motor Show by bringing an eye-popping seven concept vehicles from it’s range of brands.

According to VW Group chief Walted de’Silva, the concepts that are scheduled to be in attendance at Geneva will include concepts for their Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen brands with another one – or two – concepts coming from Audi. On top of that, VW Group’s latest conquest, the Italdesign Giugiaro design company, will also be having around two concepts slated to appear in Geneva.

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Now, we know that concept vehicle’s are a bad resource for deciphering which car is going to be built as a production version in the long run. Some concepts show up at event and are never to be heard from again after it. Then, there are concepts that seemingly take forever to be approved for production.

So while our faith and confidence with concept cars leave a lot to be desired, it’s still worth noting that with the seven concepts slated for a Geneva debut, the VW Group’s intention of overtaking both Toyota and General Motors is more than just gossip mongering.

The German automaker means serious business. And if we’re one to judge, we’d say that these seven concepts are just the beginning of a grander scheme to become the world’s top-selling auto manufacturer in the near future.

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