Volkswagen has announced it would recall 790,000 vehicles because of problems with the brake light switch. The recall involves several vehicles: 1999-2006 model years of the Golf and GTI, 2001-2005 Jettas, 2001-2007 New Beetles and the 2004 R32. It expands upon a recall announced last year of some Jettas and New Beetles because of the same defect.

Volkswagen told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the brake light switches in the vehicles could malfunction if they were improperly installed.

In some vehicles with automatic transmissions, a faulty brake light could work in tandem with the shift interlock to immobilize the vehicle and require towing, said VW spokesman Keith Price.

Last year, VW recalled 362,000 Jetta and New Beetle sedans because of similar problems with the brake lights. That recall affected Jettas from the 1999-2002 model years and New Beetles from the 1998-2002 model years.

Source: MSNBC

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pdaix  (431) posted on 02.27.2007

arghh those recall are a complete bogus to send people to the dealership to review a very small piece of equipment that the consumer cannot event confirm it has been updated.. in the meantime your dealer will find 20 things he needs to do on your car.. And at least 20% of people without any clue will accept being overcharged.

Last time my friend sent his Jetta to the dealer and they asked $900 to change brake pads and rotors ! while they were totally fine for at least 15000 miles.. VW owners, watch out, Ripoff coming your way...

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