Volkswagen will unveil at the Chicago Auto Show the Routan, an imposing seven-seater more than five metres in length. The Routan is the result of the collaboration between Chrysler and Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Routan first official images
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Under the hood there will be a V6 engine that will deliver 253 hp and a peak torque of 355 Nm and a 3.8 liter V6 that will deliver 197 hp and a peak torque of 312 Nm.

Stay tuned! More details will follow.


Source: Autobild

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  (380) posted on 09.27.2010

Actually the 4.0/6sp Chrysler minivans are the drag strip kings. Edmund’s Inside line did a test and the new GC was the fastest minivan they’ve ever tested.

  (461) posted on 08.5.2010

pit with the high mounted navi screen looks very ergonomic... I like the looks.
Chevy/Chrysler... i hope VW put one of theirs in there... and the 2.0TDI of the new clean generation would make me happy!

  (274) posted on 05.6.2010

Well the interior looks fascinating. I heard that The Routan is available with the Chrysler 3.8 L V6 producing 197 horsepower.

  (68) posted on 02.6.2008

Being based on the Dodge Caravan....this looks sooo much better! When manufacturers share platforms, or have cloned vehicles, the designs should not look alike. Ford and GM were good examples of having the same exact vehicles with different badges on them, up until now at least.

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