In an interview at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Ferdinand Piëch has announced that the long waited one-liter car will be available starting 2010.

The company hasn’t decided yet which brand will produce the car, but one thing is for sure: won’t be Audi, as Audi’s boss Dr. Stadler confirmed.

The one-liter car from Volkswagen has a fuel consumption of no more than one liter per 100 kilometers, using all technical possibilities available.

With a width of just 1.25 metres, the 1-litre car is extraordinarily narrow, the driver and passenger sit in tandem, the transversely installed engine is centrally located in front of the rear axle, the plastic bodywork has the highly aerodynamic shape of a teardrop.

It is powered by a one-cylinder naturally-aspirated diesel engine with a displacement of just 0.3 litres. The direct injection diesel engine makes use of the most efficient injection system available today: a unit injection element with 6-hole jet and pre-injection. It provides a high working pressure of 2,000 bar.

Source: Faz

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