Even before the vehicle’s official launch, the Volkswagen Scirocco received a lot of support from the aftermarket in the form of power adders and tuning kits. So it is only fitting that because the Euro-only hot hatch is rolling along the Autobahn, the customization crowd has only intensified their efforts to create the most outrageous modern day sky rocket possible. This latest take on the sleeker Volkswagen comes from HS Motorsport. The tuning firm has named their 320 HP white knight the Scirocco Remis.

The HS Motorsport body kit only accentuates the Scirocco’s lines, but it does it without adding any unnecessary body panels like protruding wings or super car imitating vents. The exterior has been further dressed up with a host of carbon fiber trim pieces. The car rides on a set of 20 inch black rims; the dark finish compliments the darker grill and blacked out roof magnificently. The combination of H&R suspension pieces and a set of 245/30 Z rated rubber makes this Scirocco handle as good as it looks.

HS Motorsports takes the 2.0 Liter TFSI that makes 200 HP from the factory and boosts it to produce anywhere from 290 to 320 HP depending on what the customer is looking for. HS will also install a 3 inch exhaust that not only sounds good when coming out the double pair of exhaust tips, but also allows the turbo to spool up faster. The performance theme carries over into the vehicle’s interior, being fitted with four Recaro racing buckets covered in black leather and finished off with white stitching. HS Motorsport has truly created a white on black beauty with their Scirocco Remis.


Source: HS Motorsport

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