A few weeks ago we reported that Volkswagen won’t bring the 2008 Scirocco on the US market, because VW of America vice president Adrian Hallmark had been quoted as saying the Scirocco isn’t needed in the States because it might cannibalize GTI hatchback sales. But now it seems that the US market will see the Scirocco after all.

Scirocco remains on the U.S. dance card for late 2008; a final decision will come from company boss Martin Winterkorn in Germany, according to VW spokesman Hans-Gerd Bode. VW plans a huge product offensive at the 2008 Geneva show, so look for Winterkorn’s U.S. Scirocco call to come by then.

Source: Autoweek

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  (2) posted on 05.16.2007

In a letter (May 7, 2007) from the Volkswagen Executive Office of Volkswagen of America the reply to a letter I had written was " The Scirocco at this time is not scheduled to be released in the United States."

Very disapointed, my question is who’s info is correct ?


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