The auto industry’s resident Pac-Man, Volkswagen, is looking to gobble up a stake in another car brand after failing to get a piece of Alfa Romeo. The interesting part is that it’s a brand that’s considered the main rival of one of VW’s Lamborghini. Care to venture a guess, everyone?


The rationale behind this seems a bit perplexing considering that, in addition to Lamborghini, Volkswagen already has a stable of supercar brands in their line-up, including Bugatti, Audi, and Porsche. Of course, it doesn’t look like Volkswagen seems to care about this wrinkle considering they’ve been trying to acquire brands left and right, especially considering that they’ve got so much money – about $27 billion - to spend.

Of course, for this whole thing to get any legs, Volkswagen needs to have Fiat’s sign-off, which, if you ask us, is a pretty tough shake especially when you take into account the fact that Ferrari is Fiat’s meal ticket and cutting their gains by selling some of its stake doesn’t sound like a good business decision. But what do we know, right?

The rumors floating around have actually been contrary to what we think should happen given that there are whispers that Fiat is interested in selling stakes to the brand while maintaining a majority stake in Ferrari.

That being said, Volkswagen chief Ferdinand Piech is still openly interested in the Prancing Horse brand, even if it means just owning a small percentage in the company.


Source: Autoweek

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  (858) posted on 11.11.2010

It seems it would be a hard business decision for the VW. But I’m looking further for the Fiat!

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