With rumors flying around that the people’s car maker Volkswagen will cease production of their B segment Passat sometime very soon, that opens the door for future design studies from the forward thinking group of German engineers. This official sketch represents Volkswagen’s new mid size sedan that is planned to be built at their all new production facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee; right here in the good old U.S. of A. The design continues what the automaker started with their Passat CC, considered to be their comfort coupe, the four door sedan gave the impression of a large sporty coupe with its sleek lines and swept back roofline. This new design study continues the theme with a very long and slender sedan.

What we are still in the dark about is exactly what the future four door VW will have hiding underneath the sheet metal. It is almost a given that there will be an Audi Quattro derived all wheel drive version as well as Volkswagen’s DSG gearbox. However what is left to be speculated upon is exactly which power plant VW will choose for their new flagship sedan. As long as VW doesn’t get overambitious and try to recreate the Phaeton, we can’t see where they could possibly go wrong.


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  (859) posted on 01.7.2010

I don’t see much changes on this sketch but I’m expecting a lot on the performance than the design. I’m being chased by my curiosity and thinking how did you get that sketch? But I don’t think it’s in the development though they will be on the systematic assembly design of this car.

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