If you’re a fan of the Volkswagen Scirocco R like we are, then you’ll understand our giddiness in finding out that Volkswagen is releasing the ‘Scirocco R 24-hour Challenge’ for the iPhone.

If you don’t know, the Scirocco R 24-hour Challenge is a free downloadable game from the Apple App store that allows you to drive your own Scirocco R in a series of different play modes, inclufding qualifying mode, a 24-hour mode, and a multi-player mode that players can play together using Bluetooth.

It may not be as realistic as the video we showed a couple of days ago featuring the aforementioned Scirocco R and the Golf R20 taking in a few laps at a race circuit, but it’s a pretty good racing game to have, especially when you find yourself in need of scratching that racing itch every now and again.


Source: Motor Report

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