Popular hatchback to get a mild design upgrade and new technology

Volkswagen has just announced that the updated version of the seventh-generation Golf will make its official debut in early November 2016. The German brand describes the facelift, which is less than a month away, as a "major update," but gives no specific information as to what the new hatchback will bring to the table. Instead, Volkswagen brags that it has sold more than 32 million Golfs between the nameplate’s introduction in 1974 and the end of 2015, whle also listing other records the hatchback has broken so far.

For instance, it reminds us that the Golf outsold the iconic Beetle in 2002 and that it is being built in five different factories and exported to 155 countries. Volkswagen also takes pride in the Golf being the only car in the world that is available with five drivetrains: gasoline (petrol), diesel, hybrid, electric, and gas.

Pretty impressive, but this says nothing about the upcoming update. So what will change with the facelift?

To be honest, not much. The Germans may view it as a "major update," but the facelifted Golf VII won’t get more than just a few nips and tucks. If the past is any indication, Volkswagen will only meddle with the front grille, add new wheel designs, and maybe a couple of new exterior colors. More changes are in store inside, but mostly in the technology department, with the design layout to remain unchanged. If previous reports are accurate, the Golf should get the infotainment system and instrument cluster from the Golf R Touch Concept. The 9.2-inch display should also include gesture control, a feature that Volkswagen debuted at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

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Why it Matters?

No matter what Volkswagen claims in its cryptic press release, don’t expect the upcoming Golf update to blow your socks off. Volkswagen facelifts have always been of the mild variety and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. On the other hand, it’s not something we should be complaining about. The current Golf is fine as it is and its sales figures are the best proof you can get. But, while its exterior might remain desirable for a couple more years, the hatchback definitely needs a solid update as far as technology. And, it looks like this facelift will do just that. We will find out more next month, so make sure you stick around.

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The history of this German bestseller features many record breaking milestones
For 42 years a Golf has been sold every 40 secondsaround the world
Wolfsburg, 13 October 2016– The countdown has begun: in early November, Volkswagen will be introducing a major update for its most successful model – the Golf. This best seller has been around for more than four decades. An entire generation has been named after it as Generation X is known as “Generation Golf” in Germany. No other European car has sold better. By the end of last year, 32,590,025 Golf cars had been sold. In effect, therefore, over the last 42 years someone, somewhere in the world, decides to buy a new Golf every 40 seconds. Record-breaking statistics like these have shaped the car’s history. And Volkswagen democratises progress to this very day with the Golf.

32,590,025 vehicles by the end of 2015 – the Volkswagen Golf is the most successful European car ever.
21,517,415 vehicles– 2002 saw Golf sales overtake the hither to most successful car in the world: the Beetle.
10,000,000 vehicles – by 1988 the Golf had already broken through the ten million vehicles barrier.
1,000,000km – in 2003, a Golf Mk1 driver broke through one million kilometres on the clock. More “millionaires” followed.
€188,938– the most expensive Golf (Generation V) was auctioned in 2005; the first owner was Pope Benedict XVI.
€10,156– the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s first Golf (Generation II) was auctioned in 2012.
2,120 Golf cars per day– this works out at more than two thousand new Golf cars being produced and sold every day for four decades.
730 days for the first million– only two years after its debut, the millionth unit of the first Golf was delivered.
650 PS for the enthusiasts – the most powerful Golf ever was the GTI W12-650. It was presented in 2007 at the GTI meet at Wörthersee.
155 countries – today the Golf is manufactured in five factories (Brazil, China, Germany, Mexico) and exported to 155 countries.
5 drive worlds – the Golf is the only car in the world which is available with electric, hybrid, petrol, diesel and gas powered engineoptions.

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