Volkswagen will sell in North America a car built in China. The model is a reworked version of the next-generation Passat.

The Chinese company will be responsible for the car’s exterior and interior styling. Models for North America and China will be largely the same, says Gu. “Tastes in China and North America in the main features are similar,” he says. “There will be some differences in the smaller details, though.”

The Chinese Passat will feature a more luxurious interior, especially in the rear seat, vanity mirrors, more legroom and DVD screens for rear-seat passengers.

The car will be built on VW’s next-generation Passat platform that will be developed in Germany, says Volkswagen China spokesman Kai Grueber.

Source: Automotive News

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tango  (372) posted on 07.19.2007

I’ve been in contact with several Chinese-built cars and trucks and I must say though they sell for good money, you get what you pay for. Build quality is not their strong suit. Now VW’s quality standards are not exactly stellar to begin with so this may not be such a good idea right now.

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