The recent UAW/GM pact reveals that the Chevrolet Volt will be an American-made vehicle: plant commitments made to the UAW by the contract guarantee that. Meantime, rumors that the vehicle might be branded as something other than a Chevrolet have been killed by GM.
This is one that Motor Trend got wrong. Their Todd Lasso though that labeling the vehicle as the “delta global Volt” on the contract meant it wouldn’t be a Chevy. There was even speculation that it could be a Cadillac, though how it would fit into that division’s product plans was never made clear.
Well, it’s a Chevy.
“The Volt will be a Chevrolet. However, the E-Flex System could be the underpinnings to several vehicles from other brands (the Opel Flextreme is one such example).” So says GM’s official response.

The Flextreme was displayed at the recent Frankfort Auto Show in Germany.

That the hybrid powertrain system could be shared with other GM models as the market dictated is hardly novel. General Motors vehicles have shared transmissions since the early 1950’s and engines since the 1970’s. The current GM hybrid vehicles, whether badged Chevrolet, GMC, or Cadillac, use the same hybrid components.

Source: GM Volt

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  (372) posted on 10.5.2007

At this point I think everybody would be accurate in saying I am anti-union. This recent debacle with the UAW has cost GM dearly. Not only in lost production time, but in negative publicity and, as we see here, many of their secrets have been leaked to the public at large. Not faulting you at all Ralph, just pointing out that GM has lost a competitive edge. Who knows what other sensitive info has been leaked to interested parties. Anyway, only time will tell. While I’m at it, actually, GM vehicles have shared transmissions since the 40s (Cadillac’s semi-auto Automatic Safety Transmission was one of the first to be shared with Buick and Pontiac).

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