Semi trucks aren’t supposed to be this fast….

Sure, there’s might be a racing league for semi trucks, but whatever Volvo is cooking up somehow seems more impressive. In fact, the global automaker is touting this as a 2,400-horsepower attempt at a world speed record.

Details are scarce at this point, but Volvo is purposefully teasing the August 24th video release of the high-speed run on its YouTube page. According to the video, we know Volvo is attempting to break the FIA world land speed record for this class of truck. This diesel-powered beast is dubbed “The Iron Knight” and is a collaboration project between technicians, engineers, and designers at Volvo Trucks.

The power comes from Volvo’s D13 turbodiesel and is mated to an i-Shift Dual Clutch transmission. There’s no word of 0-to-60 mph times or top speed estimates, but those specs will come on the 24th.

Until then, enjoy this teasing video.

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Why it matters

Records are meant to be broken, and that’s exactly what Volvo Trucks intends to do. Why? Why Not? Simply put, it elevates Volvo into a place of supremacy with all the bragging rights that come with along. What’s more, this is also a fantastic exercise for Volvo engineers and technicians. It allows them some freedom to explore the limits of engine building, while putting the truck’s chassis and other components to the test.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how Volvo does. With any luck – and that 2,400-horsepower turbodiesel’s help – they should have no problem setting new records.

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