We all know that the world’s oil resources isn’t going to last forever and that gas-guzzling vehicles would eventually fall by the wayside and be replaced by plug-in hybrids and electric cars.

So when car makers are slowly pushing for the development of these types of cars, you know that they’re fully aware of the future of the industry as well.

The latest car brand that’s being linked to producing an electric car is Volvo. The Swedish-based automaker has already gone on record as saying that they are in the middle of producing a plug-in hybrid. Now, it’s beginning to look like plug-ins aren’t the only thing that’s taking up Volvo’s time.

Rumors have come out that Volvo is in the infancy stage of producing an electric version of the Volvo C30 with a source, who knows his way around the industry, even saying that he is ‘reasonably confident’ that Volvo is doing more than just the standard research with regards to the future of an electric car in its line-up.

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Volvo, of course, is keeping a tight lip on the matter, only saying that they are indeed “looking at quite a few alternatives.”

Despite their hesitance in divulging any more piece of information with regards to its supposed electric-car, Volvo knows that the writing is on the wall as far as fuel-consuming cars are concerned and that the future of the auto industry is headed down an electrical path.

Source: New York Times

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