• Volvo’s Already Getting in on The SuperBowl Fever with The Contest of a Lifetime

Pray the Chiefs or the 49ers score a safety in the game!

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Super Bowl LIV is less than two weeks away and while the world turns its focus on the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, the car-loving population is just as interested in finding out what our favorite automakers have planned for the big day. Swedish automaker Volvo has already thrown the first salvo, not with a commercial for the game — there will be no Volvo commercial in the game, actually — but with a contest that could end with lucky contestants getting their hands on brand-new Volvo models. The contest, called Volvo Safety Sunday, is about as straightforward as it gets. Volvo is giving away $1 million worth of brand new cars if a safety happens during the game. Folks who want a chance to win a car can head over to VolvoSafetySunday.com and design the Volvo of your dreams to enter the contest. If a safety happens during Super Bowl LIV, then you have a chance of going home with a real Volvo.

First of all, what the heck is a safety?

Volvo's Already Getting in on The SuperBowl Fever with The Contest of a Lifetime
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If American football isn’t your sport, then you’re probably scratching your heads wondering what a safety is, right? Well, a safety in the context of American football can occur in several ways to the offensive team in their own end-zone. For example, if any member of the offense, whether it’s the quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or even offensive lineman is tackled in the end zone, the defense scores a safety, which is the equivalent of two points. A safety can also occur if the offense commits a penalty in their own end zone. Likewise, if the ball goes out of bounds behind the goal line by the fault of the offense, a safety occurs in that instance, too.

So, if there are a multitude of ways to score a safety, does that mean it’s happed a lot during the Super Bowl?

Volvo's Already Getting in on The SuperBowl Fever with The Contest of a Lifetime
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Not necessarily. Just because there are different ways for a safety to occur during a game, that doesn’t mean it happens frequently, regardless if its the Super Bowl or not.

In fact, only nine safeties have occurred in the Super Bowl’s 53-game history.

That’s one safety scored in the Super Bowl every six Super Bowl games. Volvo knows this, which is probably why the automaker is so confident in offering this $1 million contest to anyone interested to join. It’s a little cheeky, but then again, a free contest is a free contest. There’s no downside to that.

If you are clinging to some form of silver lining that a safety can occur during Super Bowl LIV, two safeties were scored in succeeding Super Bowls last decade. The first one occurred in Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens and another safety was scored in the succeeding Super Bowl — Super Bowl SLVIII — between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. So, there’s a chance, folks. Slim as it may be, there’s a chance.

So what exactly can we win

Volvo's Already Getting in on The SuperBowl Fever with The Contest of a Lifetime
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You can win a Volvo if either the 49ers or the Chiefs score a safety in the game. It sounds so simple until you realize how rare a safety happens during the Super Bowl. On the off chance that a miracle does happen and a safety is recorded during the game, Volvo will choose entrants at random and give away new cars until the cumulative value reaches $1 million.

As far as what Volvos models are eligible to be won, the Swedish automaker is offering its entire lineup in the U.S. market. That’s right, folks. Any new Volvo that’s currently available in the U.S. market could be won if we see a safety in the game.

A quick look at Volvo’s U.S. website reveals at least 11 models to choose from. Pick the ones you like from this list and pray either of the two Super Bowl LIV participants score a safety at any point in the game.

I don’t know about any of you, but that’s an interesting lineup to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Volvo's Already Getting in on The SuperBowl Fever with The Contest of a Lifetime
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There really is just one final thought here. Go score a safety, Chiefs and/or 49ers! Super Bowl LIV takes place on February 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens Florida.

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(ROCKLEIGH, N.J.) January 20, 2020: To celebrate more than one million lives saved by Volvo safety innovations, Volvo Car USA has announced Volvo Safety Sunday, a pledge to give away $1 million in cars if a safety occurs during football’s biggest night on February 2, 2020.

For a chance to win, contestants must first visit VolvoSafetySunday.com where they’ll be prompted to design their own Volvo car and submit a unique configuration code as an entry between January 20, 2020 and just before kickoff on February 2, 2020. They can choose one of any 2020 Volvo models currently available in the U.S., in any trim and color.

After that, watch for a safety on game day, and should one occur, Volvo will award $1 million in cars to randomly selected entrants. Full rules, terms and conditions can be found at volvosafetysunday.com.

A safety is a relatively rare and unpredictable scoring play in football that occurs when an offensive team is tackled, loses or fumbles the ball, or commits a penalty in their own end zone. The result of the play is two points to the defensive team, who receives possession of the ball via a free kick.

Volvo believes safety is the ultimate game changer and you should be protected from rare or unexpected events. This approach has inspired numerous innovations and world first inventions, including the three-point safety belt in 1959. In the name of safety, Volvo opened the belt’s patent to all automakers – and the belt remains the single most important and influential safety technology in today’s cars. Other innovations include:

1972: First rearward-facing child safety seat concept
1991: Side-Impact Protection System (SIPS)
1998: Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)
1998: Inflatable Curtain airbags
2002: Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS)
2003: Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)
2008: City Safety collision sensing system
2010: Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake
2013: Cyclist Detection
2014: Run-off Road Protection
2016: Connected Safety (Slippery Road Alert, Hazard Light Alert)
2019: E.V.A (Equal Vehicles for All) Initiative and data sharing

More information on Volvo’s safety heritage can be found here.

“From the invention of the three point-safety belt sixty years ago to other world firsts, safety is at the center of everything we do at Volvo,” said Jim Nichols, Brand Communications, Volvo Car USA. “In football, a safety play can be a game changer. At Volvo, our safety innovations have changed the game for millions on the road.”

For more information on the Volvo Safety Sunday sweepstakes, including official rules, regulations and how to enter, visit www.VolvoSafetySunday.com. Also, follow @VolvoCarUSA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and watch for the hashtag #VolvoSafety.

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